Winter Stays & The Weather

Winter Stays & The Weather

Winter in the hills can be a beautiful, snow-filled wonderland, however it can also be dangerous if caught unprepared.

If you do plan to stay with us during the winter months, (which many people do) please just know to be prepared for unexpected weather. There are many steep, winding roads in our area, and they may not be plowed before you attempt to travel on them.

Our cabin is set down a steep hill inside a valley of the Burr Oak State Park, so guests definitely DO NEED A 4 WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE TO REACH OUR CABIN.

While we do not have any alternate parking other than the driveway at the cabin, we are looking into a plan of creating a parking spot at the top of the hill just in case a vehicle can not make it up or down the hill. The only problem with this is obviously having to walk down to the cabin with luggage & belongings, which can also be difficult if the road is icy and deep with snow. So, we are currently looking into options and will announce any changes if we are able address this in the future.

Per our rental agreement, please note that we do not offer refunds due to weather, power outages, etc. (see rental agreement for more information) but be assured that if a local weather emergency in the area makes it absolutely impossible for you to stay or access the cabin, we will work with you for an alternative date for your stay.

We highly recommend travel insurance to cover unexpected issues such as this!

Please note that if you do wish to keep your planned reservation during a snow/weather emergency, you do so at your own risk. We can not guarantee our crew will be able to access the cabin should you need assistance or if there is a emergency ban on travel in the area.

Be sure to bring enough food, drinks and supplies to get you through your stay in case you are snowed in for an extended period. Make sure your phones are fully charged as well!

Should the power go out during your stay, we will get a notification of this through our alarm system and you can be sure that we will report the outage to AEP (the electric company in our area) ASAP and contact you by email, phone or text to keep you updated on the situation and estimated time of restoration of service. Please know that this is out of our control and we can not guarantee when power will be restored or if it will be restored before your departure.

We do have emergency flashlights, a portable power station, lighter sticks and candles at the cabin. We also have a gas fireplace in the main living area in case the power does go out, so you will be able to stay warm. There are also plenty of blankets and throws to snuggle up in as well.

If there is a Level 2 or 3 Snow Advisory in effect in our area, gas stations and local stores may be closed as well, so be sure to fill up with gas!

Please be aware that if you are out on the roads during a Level 3 Snow Advisory (emergency vehicles only allowed on roads) you may possibly get ticketed by the local police. We don’t know of anyone this has happened to yet, but we want to make sure you realize this is a possibility so you can avoid this happening and ruin your trip any further.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions or concerns you may have at: 216-990-3386. If you receive a voicemail, please leave your name and number and we will return your call ASAP.

It is our sincere hope that you can enjoy a winter wonderland getaway at our cabin…but your safety and ours is our first priority.

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