Hike The Buckeye Trail

Hike The Buckeye Trail

Hey Hiker Friends…did you know that a portion of the Buckeye Trail is located in Burr Oak State Park, right near our cabin!

The Buckeye Trail winds all around Ohio. It is 1,444 miles long and wraps around 49 of Ohio’s 88 counties reaching into every corner of our great state. From a beachhead on Lake Erie near Cleveland, to a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

The trail is identified by blue blazes that are 2 inches wide by 6 inches high, located on trees or poles. A single blaze marks the trail where the route is fairly straight or obvious, while a double blaze marks a turn with the upper blaze offset to indicate the new direction. A double blaze with no offset simply means pay attention – the trail route may not be obvious.

The trail enters the New Straitsville Section from a high hill on SR 78 northeast of Burr Oak Lake. It exits the section from Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve onto SR 664 some 250 ft lower. But, along the way, it undulates over 12,000 ft.

You will visit extensive lengths of footpath within Burr Oak State Park and the Wayne National Forest. Whether off road or not, the trail within the Wallace O‘Dowd State Wildlife Area is quite remote. The entire region is characterized by rolling wooded hills with numerous streams and beaver activity. Deer, turkey and other animals may be seen on this hike.

Public camp grounds are available at Burr Oak Boat Docks #2 and #3. Our cabin is located near Dock #4.

Camping in the Wayne National Forest is permitted but follow primitive no trace practice. During the summer months, many of the streams are dry, so be sure to pack plenty of water! Shawnee Ohio hosts the only restaurant, as well as the BTA Office, and is near the trail at Tecumseh Lake.

Just follow the blue blazes for a beautiful trip around Ohio!

Visit BuckeyeTrail.org for more information.

FUN FACT: Ohio’s 1,444 mile long Buckeye Trail is America’s longest circular trail. Long-distance hiker
Andy Niekamp
took three months in 2011 to complete the first solo hike of the trail at its current length.

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