Hike The Star Trail

Hike The Star Trail

Did you know that we have a private hiking trail that loops around the cabin property? It’s called the Star Trail.

If you want to throw on your hiking boots, grab a walking stick and enjoy a mini hike exploring some of the surrounding woods, you don’t have to go very far. Just walk outside and take in the beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings of Burr Oak State Park right from the cabin.

The Star Trail has two different entrance points that are marked with a black star stake in the ground. One near the gravel road, which is the trail head and will take you though the entire trail, and one behind the cabin, which is the back end of the trail. You can use either entrance as the trail loops around the entire property.

To get to the first entrance, take the pathway to the fire pit and cross over the long stretch of grass back towards the gravel road. Once there you will see the black star stake marking the entrance to the hidden set of stairs carved into the hillside. Take those up to the top of the trail and hang a right. You can explore the woods and follow the path that meanders through the forest, past the cabin, and around to the bluff that overlooks the entire area below. Then circle back around and you will see a lower path that will take you back down through the ravine and down another set of stairs that will let you out right behind the cabin.

The other entrance is located on the side of the cabin, off of the lower patio, to the right and up the stepping stones. You will see another set of hidden stairs behind the sitting area carved into the hillside that will take you to the upper path. From there you can explore your way through the woods and back down to the trail head.

The trail is a fairly easy hike for most anyone. Just remember that as with any hiking trail, you may encounter steep or uneven areas, and tree roots sticking out of the ground in unexpected places. The trail can get slippery when wet, overgrown with foliage, or you may encounter poisonous plants, insects, snakes, other animals, etc.

Just remember that if you choose to use the hiking trails, you do so at your own risk. Use caution and stay on the designated pathways. This will ensure that you are not trespassing on anyone else’s property.

While the Star Trail is just a mini hike, you can head over to catch the Buckeye Trail in Burr Oak State Park or head into Hocking Hills for some major hiking adventures!

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Happy Trails! :)



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