Escape To A Cozy Cabin In The Woods

Rental Agreement

Important Information & House Rules

*Please read our Rental Agreement below. Your reservation, payment and digital signature below serves as acknowledgement that you have read and consent to ALL terms as outlined in the Rental Agreement below. The registered guest is responsible for all facets of the rental agreement as outlined herein.

AGE REQUIREMENT – ADULTS ONLY. You must be 25 years or older to reserve and stay at the cabin. The registered guest must meet the minimum age requirements and be occupying the rental for the entire duration of the stay. A copy of your driver’s license is required as proof of age. Upon check-in, we reserve the right to refuse rental with money forfeited if any discrepancies in our policies are suspected.

OCCUPANCY – Rates are priced at a 2 person occupancy. A maximum of 6 registered guests are permitted at the cabin. Each additional guest is $25 per person, per night. Only registered guests are allowed at cabin. No add on guests or visitors are permitted.

LENGTH OF STAY – There is a 2 night minimum stay and 3 night minimum stay during holidays. We do not offer long term stays over 14 days.

LIABILITY – All guests understand that they are solely responsible for any property damage, theft, accident, injury or death to any person(s), or loss sustained by any person, including the loss of any personal property, arising out of or in any way related to a guest’s use of the premises, which also includes all of the property, woods and trails. The registered guest shall be liable for all damage, theft, accident claims or personal injury claims by any member of the vacationing party or guests.

REGISTERED GUEST RESPONSIBILITY FEES – Guests hereby authorize the owners to charge any expenses related to repairs or cleaning of the cabin beyond normal wear and tear, or related to any theft or vandalism of any property from the cabin after use of premises to the guest’s credit card on file. Property will be replaced at current retail value plus a $150 service fee. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any bodily fluids that need to be cleaned up such as urine, feces, vomit or blood anywhere inside or on the cabin property. Additional costs may occur if damage/stains are not repairable.

PAYMENT/DEPOSIT – We require payment in full, plus all applicable taxes (sales tax, lodging tax and service fees) to book your reservation.

There is a $50 maintenance/set up fee. This allows our cleaning crew to visit the cabin right before you arrive to ensure the cabin is spotless, the hot tub is cleaned/sanitized and ready to go, and to attend to any last minute details so the cabin is staged perfectly for your arrival. This also guarantees the cabin will always be fresh & clean just for you…not just cleaned from the last guest stay.

There is a REFUNDABLE $150 damage deposit due at the time of booking. This will be refunded to you once the cabin is inspected after your stay and is cleared from any damages. Refund time frame is typically 7-10 business days. Once the refund is processed and sent to your bank, it can take another 2-7 business days (depending on your bank’s processing speeds) for the refund to post to your account. If there are any damages or excessive cleaning required after your stay, your deposit will not be refunded and additional fees may be charged if damages exceed the $150 deposit.

SERVICE CALLS – Guests may be liable for the cost of a service call that would require our cleaning crew/staff to make a special trip out to the cabin during your stay due to any negligence/action by the guest or anyone in the guest’s party that would require any special assistance. This charge would be deducted from your damage deposit.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS – Bookings cancelled more than 20 days before the start of the stay will receive a 90% refund. Bookings cancelled less than 20 days before the start of the stay will receive a 50% refund. Bookings cancelled less than 15 days before the start of the stay will receive no refund. No exceptions. There are no refunds for late arrival or early departure. We do not refund money due to sickness, accidents, emergencies, TV, WiFi, internet outages, fireplace, hot tub, small appliances, etc. not working or malfunctioning. No refunds will be made for acts of God, loss of electrical power, water, heat, air conditioning, cable outages, or inclement weather. We will make every effort possible to rectify any mechanical problems as soon as they are reported, but can not guarantee resolution at time of stay.

TRAVEL INSURANCE –  We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance especially in the winter months. There are many travel insurance options you can choose from, for example at SquareMouth.Com. We recommend you take the time to research the best travel insurance for your vacation needs.

HOUSEKEEPING – The cabin is cleaned and inspected prior to your arrival. Please contact us immediately to report any housekeeping issues. We will do our best to correct the problem if possible. There is no housekeeping provided during your stay.

SNOW/ICE REMOVAL – Snow plows do plow the road leading to the cabin, however we have no control over their schedule. While we do try to have a path to the cabin cleared before a guest arrives, we can not guarantee that more snowfall, unexpected snowfall or freezing rain/ice before or during your stay could occur creating hazardous conditions at the cabin. We do provide a snow shovel and rock salt that can be used as needed. Please note that a 4 wheel drive vehicle is necessary in winter months due to the steep hill and surrounding roads to the cabin. Please be sure to check the local weather forecast if you feel weather conditions could affect your stay.

PARKING –  Park in cabin driveway only. DO NOT PARK ON GRASS in front of cabin or use grass as a turn-around as this is the leach field for the septic tank and you could cause extensive damage! We do not have off-site parking or parking on the road. Do not block any neighboring cabin driveway. We are not responsible for any towed vehicles.

SMOKING – There is NO smoking or vaping inside the cabin. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any smoke related damage or clean up needed. Additional costs may occur if damage is not repairable. Please keep spent cigarette butts in an appropriate container and empty into outdoor trash when cool. Do NOT throw spent cigarette butts anywhere on property.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES – Possession, use or distribution of any illegal substances on cabin property is prohibited.

PETS – NO pets are allowed in the cabin or on the property. Failure to follow this rule is grounds for immediate eviction without refund. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any pet related damage or clean up needed inside the cabin. Additional costs may occur if damage is not repairable.

ATV’S – No use of ATV’s are allowed on the property.

DISTURBANCES – Loud music/unruly parties/fighting of any kind are not permitted. Only registered guests are permitted at the cabin during your stay. Violations will result in all guests immediate eviction from the property and police will be contacted if needed to help facilitate this. No refunds will be given.

FIREPLACE – The cabin does have a gas fireplace with lighting directions in the cabin. DO NOT leave the fireplace running while you are away from the cabin. Gas logs are not to be rearranged for any reason as this is a fire hazard and could cause damage to fireplace. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any damage caused by rearranging gas fireplace logs.

CANDLES – DO NOT leave ANY candles burning unattended ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME!!! This includes outside as well. Keep lit candles in a safe area away from anything that could catch fire. Always extinguish candles completely before bed or leaving the cabin!

FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES – Please DO NOT move/rearrange furniture or appliances. You will be responsible for any damages that result from moving furniture.

WASHER AND DRYER – Washer/dryer is for towels or personal clothing only. Do not overload washer or dryer. Clean lint filter after each use. Do not leave washer/dryer running in cabin unattended.

TV – Smart Televisions are provided throughout the cabin with ROKU service.

TELEPHONE / INTERNET – The cabin does not have a landline telephone. Cell phone reception is good depending on your provider. Verizon seems to work best in the area. WiFi is available and password is provided at the cabin. DO NOT UNPLUG, DISABLE OR TAMPER WITH WiFi/MODEM EQUIPMENT. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any damage or tampering.

SEPTIC SYSTEM – Our cabin uses city water but is on a septic system. Please do not flush anything other than human waste & the minimum amount of toilet paper necessary down the toilets. Do NOT put any wipes, feminine hygiene products, food, scraps, grease, etc. down the toilets or sink drains. All food scraps should be placed in the trash can. If the system becomes clogged during your stay, your credit card on file may be charged for any repairs needed.

WATER – The water at the cabin is safe to drink straight from the tap. There is no smell.

TRASH – Please remove all of your trash from the cabin at the end of your stay and place it in the provided trash container outside and secure the lid. Trash is located in outdoor shed on lower level.

OUTDOOR AREAS – Please do not leave empty cans, bottles, trash, or cigarette butts on the deck, grounds, or in surrounding woods.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING – Do not tamper with any outdoor lighting in place. String lights are set on a photo cell to come on at dusk and off at dawn.

FIRE PIT – Fires are allowed in fire pit ONLY. Do not start fires anywhere other than the designated fire pit area at the cabin. Be sure to extinguish any fire before leaving area. No huge bonfires are allowed. Do not burn anything other than wood in the fire pit. Do not throw trash, cans, bottles or cigarette butts in fire pit.

FIREWOOD – At times we may have left over firewood at our cabin stacked near the fire pit which you are welcome to use. It is also for sale throughout the area. DO NOT cut any trees down on the property to use as firewood.

FIREWORKS/EXPLOSIVES – are not permitted on the property.

HUNTING – is not permitted on the property. No skinning or dressing of animals is permitted in cabin or on the property. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any damage or clean up needed.

HOT TUB – Use of the hot tub is at your own risk. The hot tub is cleaned and serviced after each guest stay. While we do our very best to ensure the temperature of the hot tub is optimal by the time guests arrive, at times, water may still need a little additional time to heat after adding fresh water.  Always keep cover closed on hot tub while not in use. Do NOT stand or sit on cover or sides of hot tub. Do NOT jump into the hot tub or intentionally splash water out of the hot tub. Do NOT operate the hot tub if the water level is low/under the jets as this could burn out the motor and cause damage to pumps. Absolutely NO lotions, oils or bubble bath in hot tub. Hot tub towels are provided. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any damage or excessive cleaning needed beyond the normal to hot tub. Additional costs may occur if damage is not repairable. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions guests may have to chemicals used in the hot tub or after use of the hot tub.

**For a comfortable soak, set hot tub between 100°F and 102°F. Do not exceed 104°F.

**Please bring your own beach towels for swimming at the beach. All linens from the cabin are to remain at the cabin.

OUTDOOR GRILL – Please leave the grill clean for the next guest. Do not put anything other than food on the grill. Always turn propane tank OFF when not in use. Do not place cover on grill until it is completely cool. **NO portable combustion appliances such as a smoker is allowed at the cabin. These types of appliances can cause burn marks or start a fire.

WALKING STICKS – You are free to use any of the 4 walking/hiking sticks in the lower level of the cabin, however they must be returned after use.

HIKING TRAILS – Use of the wooded hiking trails around the cabin are completely at your own risk! In some areas, trails may be steep, of an uneven grade, slippery, wet, overgrown, contain poisonous plants, insects, snakes, other animals, etc. All guests understand and agree that if they choose to use the wooded hiking trails, they are solely responsible for any accident, injury or death to any person(s), or loss sustained by any person arising out of or in any way related to a guest’s use of the wooded hiking trails and will not hold Black Star Hideaway LLC or it’s owners liable for any accident, injury or death. The registered guest shall be liable for all damage, accident claims or personal injury claims by any member of the vacationing party or guests.

WIRELESS BOOM BOX – You are free to use the wireless bluetooth boom box when outside on the property, but please return it to the inside of the cabin when not in use. This is to remain at the cabin and not taken off property.

POWER OUTAGES – Although not an often occurrence, a power outage after a storm or trees coming into contact with electrical wires could occur. In this instance, please use the flashlights and portable power pack provided in the lower cabinet next to the front door. Unfortunately, we have no control over how fast the utility company can get power restored. No refunds are given for power outages.

PEST CONTROL – The cabin is regularly treated for pests. Unfortunately in the woods, nothing is 100% effective. If you find any pests in the cabin when you arrive or throughout your stay, it does not mean that it was not cleaned properly. We do our very best to keep pests outside the cabin, but please remember you are in the woods!

LOST AND FOUND – We make every effort to locate and return lost items. If you forget something, please contact us and let us know as soon as you discover the item is missing so that we can alert our cleaning crew. Our staff has been advised to secure obvious items of value when located, but cannot be held responsible for any lost items. Any item that would need to be shipped back would be at the cost of the guest.

LOCK KEY CODE – A lock key code will be provided for your convenience at the cabin. Prior to your arrival, you will be given the entry code for it.

SECURITY SYSTEM – We do have an ADT security system for the cabin. A security code will be given to you before your arrival so you will have the ability to arm or disarm the system during your stay. We do have security cameras facing the front/driveway entrance for security purposes only. You can be comfortable knowing that there are absolutely NO cameras inside the cabin, or by the hot tub or fire pit area, so you will have complete privacy during your stay. DO NOT UNPLUG, DISABLE OR TAMPER WITH ANY SECURITY CAMERA OR EQUIPMENT. There will be an automatic minimum charge of $150 for any damage or tampering.

DO NOT LEAVE CABIN UNLOCKED – If you leave the cabin for the day during your stay, be sure to LOCK ALL DOORS & WINDOWS! Never leave the cabin unlocked while you are not there. Guest will be responsible for any break-in or theft resulting from leaving the cabin unlocked while away during their stay.

NEIGHBORING CABINS – Do NOT enter the private property or drives of any neighboring cabins for any reason at any time during your stay. Do not park in the road or block the drive of any neighboring cabins. Please be respectful of noise level at night for surrounding cabins.

WHAT WE SUPPLY – Basic starter supplies are provided such as: soap products, paper towels, toilet paper, and trash bags. We will do our best to provide enough basic supplies and towels to last through your stay. Once you have depleted the provided items, you are responsible for purchasing any additional items.

CHECK IN – Check in time is 4pm. We do not offer early check-ins due to cleaning crew schedules and preparing the cabin for the next guest arrival. Any early check in may be subject to an additional fee of $50 charged to your credit card on file.

**Approximately 5 days prior to your check in, you will receive an email containing the address and key code for the cabin. If you have not received an email with this information within 3 days of your reservation date, please contact us.

**An inventory of the cabin is taken prior to check in and after check out of each guest. Upon arrival, we ask that you inspect the rental property and report any problems within 1 hour after arrival to: If items are not reported within the allotted time, your credit card on file will be charged for any damages that are found at check out inspection.

CHECK OUT – Check out is at 11am. We do not offer late check-outs due to cleaning crew schedules and preparing the cabin for the next guest arrival. Any late check out may be subject to an additional fee of $50 charged to your credit card on file.

DEPARTURE – Guests understand and agree that they will perform ALL of the following before vacating the property:

  • Clean all cookware, dishes, glasses, cups, and silverware and return them to their proper cabinet or drawer.
  • Remove all of your food/drink items from the refrigerator/freezer/cabinets.
  • Place all dirty towels/linens inside of the bathtub/shower or the laundry hamper.
  • Beds do NOT need to be stripped or made. Housekeeping will attend to this.
  • Turn off fireplace.
  • Turn off all fans.
  • Turn off all TV’s, radio’s and lights.
  • Kitchen light above sink can be left on.
  • Do NOT leave washer or dryer running.
  • Extinguish any candles or fire in fire pit.
  • Close cover on hot tub.
  • Be sure outdoor grill is turned off and propane tank is off.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors before leaving.
  • Arm the security system before leaving.
  • Place all trash in the outdoor trash container located inside the shed on the downstairs patio and close lid tightly.
  • Close gate and attach cable lock back to secure gate.

*Owners reserve the right to update or amend this agreement at any time. This online document is most current and supersedes all other Black Star Hideaway rental agreement policies written or otherwise. Owners reserve the right to refuse any reservation. No money is collected for any refused reservation.

*Please digitally sign the Rental Agreement policy below. This must be completed BEFORE your reservation will be finalized.

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